The Benefits of Jerry Pair Fabrics

Discount Jerry Pair Fabrics

People will drive out of their way to get their hands on Jerry Pair fabrics! Fabrictopia is proud to offer Jerry Pair fabrics to our customers in Texas.

Jerry Pair is the kind of brand other brands aspire to be like someday; specifically, Jerry Pair Leather started in 2006. Dan Cahoon, the president and owner, wanted to provide professional designers with the best high end leathers for use in residential, commercial and hospitality projects– from people’s luxury homes to high-end hotels, and then some…

The Jerry Pair name has actually been around for over forty years. It’s a brand name known for top-notch home furnishings and luxury products. Showrooms in Atlanta and South Florida show off the latest offerings, while customers receive expert, personalized attention. The Jerry Pair brand ends up in some very upscale places, including resorts and retail shops. You’re also likely to find Jerry Pair items on yachts or in private jets. Some of the famous places you can visit and see Jerry Pair leather in person include the St. Regis Houston, the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Sheraton New York, Louis Vuitton (NYC), the University of Notre Dame, and Duke University.

Jerry Pair Leather’s parent company is called Jerry Pair & Associates. In business since 1970, Jerry Pair & Associates has long been associated with high-end interior design, with an emphasis on using the most beautiful leather hides from Europe for its various creations. Leathers are tanned in Europe at facilities in Italy, France and Germany. Production is always environmentally sensitive.

Did you know Fabrictopia offers Jerry Pair fabrics at discount prices? Jerry Pair is one of the high end fabrics we offer at unbeatable prices. We sell fabrics that were $100-$300 per yard for $9.99 to $24.99. It’s such great deals that we get interior designers from all over the place to take advantage.

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