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Faux Leather and Faux Fur

Fabrictopia gives you a wide selection of everything you need to complete your crafting and sewing projects at home or to keep your customers happy. Headliner, faux fur and faux leather fabrics are available for sewing and craft enthusiasts as well as retail stores in San Antonio. Faux furs are soft and add an interesting textural element to clothing like vests and coats or furniture, blankets, rugs and much more. Faux leather fabric is smooth, offering a subtle sheen that’s perfect for reupholstery, jackets or other stylish clothing. Headliner is a thin foam layer, commonly used as a layer beneath the cover fabric of furniture or to line roofs in boats or cars – and an absolute must-have for reupholstery and repair projects. Order these items in nearly any color or texture for your shop or sewing project at Fabrictopia in San Antonio or call the store today at 210-733-8650 to learn more.


When furniture becomes damaged, stained or worn out, it can detract from the look and feel of your home. Instead of throwing out your furniture, you can continue to enjoy the furniture that you love by simply restoring your favorite items. Fabrictopia supplies pink foam and natural foam at their store in San Antonio, helping you make your furniture restoration projects quicker and easier. Upholstery foam, available in different thicknesses, adds a springy new cushion to old furniture. From armchairs to mattresses to outdoor furniture to pillows, new pink foam or natural foam will let you sink in and relax while adding a fresh new life to any furniture or throw pillow. Order pink foam or natural foam at Fabrictopia’s location in San Antonio or call 210-733-8650 today to learn more.


It can be such a challenge to find the perfect pillow. If you do manage to find the right fit, your pillow eventually wears down and you’re left with a deflated, uncomfortable pillow under your head at night. With a wide variety of faux down pillows and pillow inserts available, you can find just the right amount of softness and support or add an insert to fluff up your current pillow with the products at Fabrictopia in San Antonio. Our feather down pillows are made from 95 percent feathers and 5 percent down, and faux down pillows are just like the real thing while being animal-friendly. We also have poly-fill pillow inserts made with hypoallergenic materials to help you get a restful sleep. Shop the full selection of pillows and pillow inserts by stopping in to Fabrictopia in San Antonio or call the store at 210-733-8650 today.


Upholstery and Outdoor fabric

Enjoying the sun in your backyard or lounging by the pool is even better with a comfortable seat, but the wrong fabric can quickly become waterlogged, stained and moldy. Outdoor fabrics at Fabrictopia in San Antonio are specially treated to resist stains and mildew, as well as to resist sun damage and fading, so you can trust they will last for years of outdoor use.

Fabrictopia also carries hundreds of types of indoor upholstery of all kinds of reupholstery projects, including chairs, sofas, pillows, vehicle or boat reupholstery and much more. With so many options to choose from, you can easily find a perfect new look for the chair that you love or you can replace the fabric to create a new piece with an original look.

Call Fabrictopia at 210-733-8650 to learn more or stop in and shop the full selection of upholstery and outdoor fabrics at the San Antonio store today.


Vinyl and embossed vinyl fabrics are among the best outdoor fabrics you can use. Vinyl is soft and flexible, but also durable, weather-proof and easy to simply wipe clean. The material is also highly resistant to stains and fading, making it the preferred choice for automotive or marine interiors. You can also use vinyl for awnings and outdoor furniture as it is resistant to bleaching from exposure to direct sunlight. Fabrictopia in San Antonio provides glossy vinyl and shiny embossed vinyl in a variety of different colors so you can make bright and sunny tropical furniture, chic and clean dark vinyl furniture, a light and breezy white or tan awning or anything else you have in mind. Shop the full selection today at Fabrictopia’s San Antonio store location or call today at 210-733-8650 to learn more.

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